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  • A free set of 2 garden chairs
  • Shaped liner gives superior comfort
  • Resistant to water, heat & sun
  • Fits up to 2 adults
Heater Type - External
Cladding Type - Thermowood
Cladding Colour -
Cladding Colour -
Liner Colour -

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Specifications and Measurements

The Pinnacle Of Luxury In Your Own Back Garden

Rekindle your connection with an Ofuro Hot Tub. These intimate tubs are perfectly suited to romantic retreats and smaller gardens, where their unique appearance and small footprint lets you tuck them away as true hidden delights.
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Key features

Durable Acrylic Construction for Lasting Comfort

Crafted from a single sheet of acrylic, this design boasts exceptional durability against scratches, chips, and stains. Its structural strength minimizes flex, while UV and chemical resistance, paired with various color customization options, ensure lasting beauty and easy care.

Ambient Charm with LED Underwater Lighting

Experience enchanting evenings with LED underwater lighting. Create a captivating ambiance as the gentle and soothing glow illuminates the water, casting an inviting aura that transforms your wood-fired hot tub into a haven of relaxation and visual delight, making each soak a truly magical experience.

Efficient Heating with External Heater

Experience optimal warmth with an external heater designed for wood-fired hot tubs. This smart placement ensures efficient heating while keeping the bathing area unobstructed, providing a comfortable and relaxing soak in your tub without compromise.

Gentle Relaxation with Air Bubble System

Enhance tranquility with the air bubble system, delivering a gentle massaging sensation. Rising from below, these bubbles create a soothing experience, promoting relaxation and adding an extra layer of comfort to your wood-fired hot tub session.

Rapid Warmth: Heats Up in ±2 Hours

Experience quick relaxation with the “Heats Up in ±2 Hours” feature. Designed for efficiency, this rapid heating system ensures that your wood-fired hot tub reaches a comfortable temperature in approximately two hours, allowing you to swiftly unwind and immerse yourself in soothing warmth.

Unwavering Endurance Against Water and Heat

Embrace the beauty of longevity with our hot tub’s natural resistance to water and heat. Crafted to endure the rigors of hot tub life, this feature ensures a steadfast defense against moisture, temperature changes, and the elements, preserving the elegance and functionality of your wood-fired oasis for years to come.

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Other Features

Wood Treatment for Extended Lifespan

Elevate the longevity of your tub with our premium wood treatment. Specially formulated to protect against weathering and decay, this treatment not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also ensures your hot tub remains a stunning and enduring centerpiece of your outdoor space.

Enhanced Heater Durability with 304 Steel

Elevate your wood-fired hot tub experience with the 304 heater steel upgrade. Crafted from premium-grade stainless steel, this enhancement ensures exceptional corrosion resistance, extending the heater’s lifespan and maintaining optimal performance for countless relaxing sessions.

Durable Stainless Steel Chimney

The stainless steel chimney, complete with a heat guard, optimizes heat retention and safety. This integral component efficiently channels smoke while ensuring minimal heat loss, enhancing the wood-fired hot tub experience with effective ventilation and added protection.

Enhanced Heat Retention with Insulated Lid

The insulated lid conserves heat, promoting quicker reheating and reduced energy consumption. This innovative feature minimizes heat loss, allowing you to enjoy a warm and inviting wood-fired hot tub experience whenever you desire, while also being environmentally conscious and cost-effective.

Durable Steel Straps for Structural Integrity

Expertly crafted from durable stainless steel, these robust straps provide enduring structural support. Engineered to reinforce the hot tub’s stability, they enhance the longevity of your serene retreat, ensuring lasting relaxation and peace of mind for many years to come.

Efficient Draining with High Flow Tap

The ingeniously designed high flow drain tap expedites swift water removal, greatly simplifying the cleaning process. This innovation significantly enhances maintenance, enabling quick and efficient drainage, thus contributing to a hassle-free wood-fired hot tub upkeep routine.

Even Heat Distribution with Stirring Paddle

Engineered for optimal results, the specially designed stirring paddle guarantees uniform warmth, enabling precise temperature readings. Its even heat distribution elevates the wood-fired tub experience, ensuring consistent comfort for an ideal and deeply soothing soak.

Enhance Your Entry with Wooden Steps

Crafted from the same timber as the tub’s exterior, the wooden steps enhance both aesthetics and practicality. These steps not only blend seamlessly with the hot tub’s design but also offer safe and convenient access, preventing wet surroundings and making every dip a hassle-free experience.