How to maintain your Wooden Home Sauna

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So you’ve become the envy of your friends, you’ve upgraded home as the go-to holiday stop with the family, and you’ve got your own personal relaxation handled with your new Home Sauna. Congratulations! You don’t want to lose any of those things, let alone the wooden sauna itself! So here are some quick and easy Maintenance Tips to ensure that your Wooden Home Sauna will live on and continue to provide you with all of its benefits!

Maintain Home Sauna Beautiful from the Outside to the Inside!

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Part of the beauty of the Home Sauna is the way it looks sitting in your back yard, adding its rustic beauty to the area. You want to ensure you keep it that way, and regular maintenance of home sauna is going to make sure it does.

Now it all depends on preference but over time your wood will weather; just due to sunlight and normal precipitation etc. If you want to let it go, you can; after all some prefer that aged wood look. If you want to keep it as it was Day One, well there are two ways to go about that.

  • Pressure Wash the exterior (on low)
  • Use stain with UV inhibitors to resist sunlight wear

Depending on where you live (if it’s regularly sunny) you might have to stain more often, if that’s something you chose to do. So keep an eye on your sauna in the first few months you own it to get a feel for how often you may be doing this.

Water Seepage can be an issue in dryer climates however, and may necessitate the addition of more staves, so regularly check your bands tension so you know if you’ll need to or not; humid climates are going to cause your staves to expand which means you won’t have to worry about Seepage.

It should also be noted that you should NEVER varnish or Paint your exterior.

Home Sauna Maintenance: Inside Insight

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Is much easier to take care of the inside of your home sauna, quite simply all you need to do is sweep or vacuum up any loose dirt. If you’re dealing with deeper stains from sweat, or just dirt and general wear you can get a little more involved.

  • A diluted baking soda and water scrub on the wood and rinse.
  • Fine grit sandpaper for tough stains or scuff marks
  • Use a wide-pattern pressure washer as you would on the outside.

NEVER use stains or varnishes on your interior!

That’s all there is too it! Some easy regular maintenance and your wooden home sauna will be around for years to come! Now go take some time for yourself and ease those tired muscles!

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