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Outdoor Saunas

Surrender yourself to wellbeing as you embrace Scandinavian tradition with a stunning outdoor sauna. Used for thousands of years to reduce stress and improve health, you too can share in the ritual of heat and relaxation from the comfort of home.

A Sanctuary of Warmth

Saunas are the perfect relaxation tool.  You can use them on their own, in combination with a plunge pool, or as a recovery ritual after exercise. Studies have linked sauna use to improved health, reduced stress and increased speed of recovery – little perks that add up to a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

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A Ritual of Wellness

Your sauna is more than a haven of relaxation. The health benefits of regular use have been proven scientifically,  adding to the popularity of saunas in recent years.

From detoxing to weight loss, improved circulation and stress relief, saunas culture has spread from Finland around the world as more and more people invest in their physical and mental health at home.

Join the movement, and enrich your health and wellbeing with an outdoor sauna.

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Efficient and Stylish Heating

No matter which Sauna you choose, every one comes equipped with the highest-quality wood-fired or electrical Finnish Harvia heaters.

Efficient air circulation within the sauna and even heat from the stove mean that you stay comfortable, even when things start to hot up.

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Sauna Delivery

Barrel Saunas are available in kit form or assembled.

We can only deliver Sauna Pods and Oval Saunas for assembly on site, due to their size and the risk of damage in transit.

Our experienced installation teams can offer assembly on site – please get in touch to discuss the requirements for this service, and for a quote.

If a Barrel Sauna is selected for delivery assembled, the customer must arrange to ensure the correct and safe unloading of the building using either a forklift or telehandler upon arrival.

Build A Sauna That’s Uniquely Yours

Your sauna is going to live with you for years to come. As your own venue for relaxing, entertaining and passing quiet hours in your own company, why not make it exactly as you want it?

How about a wall or door of glass, to let the scenery in?

Would an outdoor terrace to let you connect with nature?

We can accommodate any of these and more.

Customise your sauna as you dreamt it, and make sure you still feel the same excitement when you step in after 10 years, as you do the day it arrives.

Sauna Upgrade Options

– Entrance Full Glass with Frame
– Back Full Safety Glass with Frame
– Half-Moon Safety Glass with Frame
– Water Tank with a Chimney
– 500mm Terrace
– L-Shape Benches
– 500mm Roof over the Door

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    Bring The Sauna Experience To Your Event

    Whether you’re planning activity camp or a special celebration, an outdoor sauna is guaranteed to become a hub of recharge, relaxation and conversation.

    The perfect aid to recovery after a day of physical activity, or as a quiet retreat, Royal Tubs can deliver, set up and collect an outdoor sauna to suit your schedule.

    Why not add a special touch that’ll keep your guests telling stories for years to come?

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