Tents are out, camping pods are in

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Let us set the scene for you.

You’re in the middle of the British countryside, during Summer, on a camping trip with your family. Of course, it’s blowing a gale and you’re struggling to put the family-size tent up as your children sit wondering when they’re going to get to tuck into the supply of biscuits. As you lose another tent peg and the left side of your tent tries to make a quick getaway, it inevitable starts to rain.

Hours later when the 6-man-tent (which turns out to be more like a 4-man) is finally up and you’ve settled in for the night, you feel the inevitable drip, drip, drip of a mixture of rain and yours and your family’s sweat.

In the morning, you awake with a bad back from the half blown up bed you constructed last night, struggling to get out of your sleeping bag. Ahhh camping – what a joyous experience!

But there is another way…

Introducing: the camping pod – the more luxurious, comfortable and better way to enjoy the outdoors. Made from spruce with a shingle roof, the camping pod is the new way to actually enjoy camping. They come with locking doors and windows so you can see your surroundings and have solid wood flooring. Opt for the larger pod and you can even get an extra room with space for a table and a bench.

For too long we’ve had to put up with the insufferable camping experiences that tents provide.

Camping pods provide another way to enjoy the great outdoors. Contact us for more information on our camping pods, sauna huts and wooden hot tubs.

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