The Best Celebrity Homes

Swimming Pool - Wood

A man’s home is his castle, right? What if you were Oprah? Your home would literally be a castle. Her $90million home is built just like a castle, and is just breath-taking. Celebrities naturally have amazing and extravagant homes complete with moving walls (Britney Spears!), infinity pools (Justin Bieber), private gym (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) and just all sorts of extra things that we can only dream of. Matt Damon has a Miami home, so not his ‘every day home’ and it’s worth $20million. Rihanna has a 6,000 square ft. home costing $12million complete with spa and elevated pool deck. Jennifer Lopez lives in a stunning $18million home with seven fireplaces, heated marble floors and a library. John Travolta has his own two-mile-long runway for all his planes – imagine what he’s spent on all those aircraft; eye watering! Will Smith has a 25,000 square foot home and land combination incorporating a state of the art music studio, basketball court, meditation room and three golf courses. Eddie Murphy has a private bowling alley and cinema room. Shall we continue or…?

While we can’t wave a magic wand and make you into a millionaire, we can however give you a little slice of luxury with one of our hot tubs. Okay, so it’s not a sprawling infinity pool but it’s a start! Made from beautiful and strong spruce or larch, our hot tubs get better with age and are built according to traditional design. Our quality service is top notch experience make us the best choice for world class wooden hot tubs, so get in touch today if you’re longing for that little bit of luxury.

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