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Three Ways That Having A Hot Tub Makes You The Coolest Family Member

Oh the irony – take a relaxing tub and pop it in your garden, add some water and fire, and you’re suddenly the coolest person in town??  But yes – regardless of the hot tub health benefits you’ll bestow upon your nearest and dearest, the allure of a dip in a jacuzzi or spa is so tempting that you’ll be amazed at how many people start coming to see you again.

We all know that a side effect of the pandemic was that many people started to enjoy the solitude that came with the enforced isolation. We’re also busier than ever nowadays too, so how do you try to encourage people that you’d love to see more regularly out of their hermit shell lives, without feeling like you’re adding to their time pressures?

You could beg? Blackmail them by getting a puppy or kitten? Or… you could become so alluring that they can’t resist – by getting a hot tub. We’re not kidding – they’re powerful magnets within the family and friends circles – and FAR less maintenance than a puppy.

Here are three reasons hot tubs work so well for keeping our dearest of bonds alive…

Rekindling A Relationship

Okay so we couldn’t resist mentioning kindling and that you’re literally lighting a flame under your time together again – given that you have real flames to fan underneath the two of you. Many relationships struggle to keep the intimacy alive within the pace that we all live now – and by intimacy we don’t mean the sort that goes on behind closed doors.

Intimacy is the connection you have – it’s the laughter at the same jokes that you’ve always had. It’s remembering times you’ve spent together and sharing memories again that are only yours.

Intimacy is making time for each other so that you both get to remember that you’re their favourite person in the world. 

On a slightly more serious note, when couples struggle a little, they often find the root of their issues is communication and busy lives definitely don’t help with this. Making the time to listen properly, or choosing the time together adds anchors back into relationships that may have lost some of their stability and it’s incredibly powerful. 

A hot tub, with just the two of you able to talk and enjoy each other again in such a relaxed setting, is a meaningfull signal that you’re choosing each other all over again. And the beauty of it is, when you say to each other ‘That was great, we should do that again’ – you can.

Making A Splash As The Favourite Grandparent Or Relative

There aren’t many of us that don’t have memories of our grandparents sneaking some money into our hands when we were small while our parents weren’t looking. Whilst it’s a relatively small gesture, it’s another of those anchors that ‘tops up’ your popularity in your grandchildren’s eyes as you’ve ‘treated’ them to something. Or ice creams, or trips to the park – there are lots of ways to delight your smaller grandchildren.

It’s not quite so easy to make your grandkids feel special to you when they’re cool teenagers is it?

Imagine having a hot tub that they love – they can bring a friend or two, and sometimes they can share it with you. Whether you’re in the tub with them, or hosting a friends gathering where they can relax away from the world, you’ll be making memories with them.

Many people say they don’t relate to teenagers, or that they don’t know what to talk about. This removes that pressure – sometimes you don’t even need to talk, just being in the same space, or being that place of peace away from the world can be exactly what your grandkids need. 

Regardless of your age, or theirs, the health benefits of the hot tub such as stress relief and decompressing from a busy day or week, surrounded by loved ones? Who’d not want to be part of that? 

(That’s before we mention how popular you’ll be with your adult children that their kids now have a favourite babysitter that they don’t feel guilty about leaving the kids with…again!)

Time For Yourself

Last but most definitely not least, let’s talk about you. You’re at the core of your existence, yet many people don’t have time to relax or stop properly.  This is that excuse. 

Your body and mind are the most precious aspects of your life, but because we are so resilient we keep on going. We’re also living in a culture that rewards working harder than ever, as opposed to recharging your vital batteries.

Did you know that sleep is where most of our learning takes place? It isn’t hearing or reading the information for the first time that causes information retention – it’s when it is sorted and processed that it can then be filed for future retention. This processing takes place when our conscious brain is in off-mode. If you are studying or in a period of transition between jobs, relationships or situations, most of the settling of that data happens when you’re asleep.

What studies have shown though is that relaxing without movement or social stimulation puts the brain into the same ‘theta’ state as sleeping. 

During your downtime, the lack of external stimuli replenishes your brain’s capacity for attention, focus and creativity. 

This is why we often feel so overwhelmed during stressful times – we often don’t sleep well, and then we don’t allow the rest either.Your hot tub could become your creative haven where ideas come through in the space that you’re creating, your nerves relax in the water and you can breathe again in the bliss of your own garden.

Ever heard the phrase about feeling like a fish out of water? Your hot tub could  be where you get back into your own water again in more ways than one.

A Hot Tub = Quality Time

Time will always be our most precious commodity. Memories stay with us way longer than money does and they are worth so much more too. Your health definitely can’t have a price put onto it either. Spending quality time with your loved ones, or in blissful solace, tops you back up again –  it reconnects your own dots.

Whether it’s your family, your partner, or your friends that you’ll be sharing it with, having a hot tub adds a whole other level to the word ‘socialise’ and you’re making your home a very easy decision for people to come and visit.

You probably have questions like which hot tub is best for you or how to maintain your hot tub as the last thing you want is more work isn’t it. If you’d love to find out more, Royal Tubs offers one of the largest collections of Wooden Hot Tubs for sale in the UK. Get in touch and we’ll happily discuss the best hot tub options for you and your family’s needs.

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