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  • Why Choose Royal Tubs?
  • Without meaning to succumb to dreary marketing spiel, the reasons for choosing us can easily be summed up: we know wooden hot tubs. Simple as that – we live, eat and breathe wooden hot tubs. From the wood we use, the wood fired heaters we pick, to the people who craft our wooden tubs, every aspect of our business is centered on the quality of our final product. If you want a bit more detail, let us break it down for you:
  • Service is At the Core of Our Business – To Us, Every Customer is #1
    For a lot of businesses, service is an annoying extra cost that supports their sales. For us, service is what we do. Our main goal isn’t just to sell hot tubs, it’s to provide our customers with relaxation, a social space, somewhere to be themselves away from the stresses of life, and hot tubs is how we achieve this. Our service starts with the trees we pick to be treated and go into our tubs, and ends with decades of quality of life for our customers. To us, that’s service, and we’re always here to make sure you’re satisfied.
  • Our Wooden Hot Tubs are Both Practical and Beautiful – Because Quality is Service
    Tubs are by no means a rare commodity – as you well know, there are hundreds of places across the country where you can pick one up. The same is true for wine – you could pick a bottle of plonk up for a couple of quid at any old supermarket, which is absolutely fine if you’re cooking with it. When you truly want quality, though, you want your wine to be made by someone who is as passionate about their product as you are; who knows wine like the back of their hand, who can look at a grape and tell you how it should be treated and what the wine will be like. Wooden Hot tubs are the same – we only choose the best raw ingredients, and we treat them with the love and respect they deserve, so that the final product honours the beautiful trees that go into their making.
  • Our Wooden Hot Tubs are Built to Last – And Get Better with Age
    A good tub isn’t for a summer or a winter, it’s for decades of use. Cheaper tubs are made for quick and easy enjoyment, but they aren’t built to last, and even if they look good to start with their cheaper woods mean that they deteriorate quickly. For every quid you save now, you’ll pay two later as they require increasingly strenuous care taking. Our tubs are made from the finest woods, and (again like wine) get better with age as they come into their own. Come hot or cold, snow, rain or sun, our tubs will mature and keep true, always there to help you unwind.
  • We Respect Tradition – From Design to Healing
    With massive factories churning out endless replicas of anything from cars to tubs, each an exact copy of its predecessor, we have taken a step back to learn from the past. Hot tubs are an ancient tradition, their design evolved by the careful consideration of craftsmen and healers over hundreds of years. We think it’s essential to respect this tradition, and continue to study the past to learn from those who came before us. That’s why we use Siberian Larch and Spruce; even today, they are used by aromatherapists for their calming and healing effects. They are also highly durable, which makes them ideal for longevity.
  • Because Our Customers Recommend Us
    We don’t believe in forcing sales by compromising standards – we believe in good old word of mouth, because a recommendation from a friend is worth more than any advertising money we could spend. That’s why service is our priority, and why the majority of our customers come to us through recommendations by friends and family. Our philosophy is that if we can not only meet but exceed your expectations, one day someone might ask where you got your tub, and we humbly hope that you will remember us. So far, it’s a philosophy that is serving us well, and we will do everything we can to make sure you agree.