Aesthetic upgrades for your hot tub

Swimming Pool - Composite material

Once you’ve got your brand new hot tub, sitting beautifully in your garden, you might want to add some optional extras, just to make the most of your new purchase.

There are a range of aesthetic upgrades and accessories that you can choose to add to your new relaxation chamber. You can add one, all or none, but we think they make for excellent extras. Here are just some of the upgrades you can add to your new purchase.

Wooden Lid

If your hot tub is a wooden one, a wooden lid finishes off the look perfectly. Not only does it look great and make your whole hot tub look complete, it serves as a barrier to keep out any debris or dirt. You can also use it to help the water get to temperature much more quickly.

Top Rim Decoration

The main reason for getting a hot tub is to bring you comfort and relaxation. So the top rim decoration is, not surprisingly, one of the most popular upgrades because it provides some more comfort for you. You can rest your head on it or even place your drinks there!

Mini Bar

A lot of people like to relax and unwind with an alcoholic beverage and the thought of taking a dip in a bubbling hot tub with a glass of bubbly in hand, is just too great to pass up on. Adding a mini bar allows you to make this dream a reality. Four slots allow you to balance your drinks safely without the possibility of a spillage!

LED Lighting

A hot tub is for use day and night. Underwater LED lights really bring your hot tub to life in the evening. They make a beautiful addition to any hot tub and can even help your guests guide their way to the water!

Which ones take your fancy? If you’re browsing our wooden hot tubs make sure to check out the optional upgrades!

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