Are Wooden Hot Tubs Safe for Children?

Hot Tub - Swimming Pool

There have been several discussions online about whether hot tubs are safe children and the opinions are definitely divided. Some people think that children under the age of five shouldn’t be allowed to use a hot tub under any circumstance, some say as long as they’re supervised it’s perfectly fine. Some say as long as they are tall enough to keep their head above water it’s okay, some say it depends on the temperature of the water. There are many various thoughts given online in contribution to the debate, so we thought we’d wade in and get involved too, seeing as we’re a manufacturer of wooden hot tubs and all…

Just let them use hot tub when children are ready to use hot tubs

The first thing we thought of when we became aware of the debate was that of the height and age of the child using the hot tub. They must be tall enough and strong enough to hold their head above the water fully and confidently. Just because a hot tub isn’t a lake or swimming pool it is still at the basic level a body of water, and children can drown in a mere two centimeters of water.

Never leave children in Hot Tub as in any other water barrel

Children must never be left alone around a hot tub, and the temperature should ideally be heated to around thirty degrees so that they can enjoy the water safely. Babies cannot control their own body temperature so it probably isn’t wise to take a young baby into a hot tub.

Children in Wooden Hot Tubs

Our UK wooden hot tubs are safely designed and constructed, and so while we (naturally!) advocate the use of our wood fired hot tubs, we must make sure that our customers know that young children who can be inquisitive are not left alone near a wooden hot tub in use as the chimney can get very hot. The firebox is waterproof and under the water behind a grate however children can get into all sorts of situations and therefore must always be under adult supervision around our wooden hot tubs.

We want the entire family to benefit from our wooden hot tubs, so when the children have had their fun, there’s no problem with throwing another couple of logs into heater on for the adults to enjoy a nice hot soak too!

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