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Beating the Winter Blues – The 5 Most Effective Ways

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Ever felt the drain that comes with going through the Winter season? For some reason, you just don’t feel 100% and tend to be less ambitious, more lazy. It happens to all of us to some degree or another as the crappy weather leaves us all feeling a little depressed, fatigued, even melancholy. The trick is to combat these feelings with activities and keeping your body busy/alert in the right ways. Read on for some more information on what YOU can start doing today to combat those pesky Winter blues!

Take in That Sunrise

We all know that the sun is responsible for our body’s internal clock and controls our circadian rhythm. In Winter, the decreased amount of sunlight, and early sunsets can leave some people feeling gloomy as their internal clocks become thrown off balance. To remedy this, simply conduct 30 minutes of sunlight exposure early in the morning (sunrise is perfect), and take it some of that free, fresh air. Your mood will lighten and you will be increasingly happy throughout the day. Give it a shot, especially if you have a wooden hot tub!

Reward Yourself Properly

No, this don’t mean go out and buy that new motorbike or come home with a 60 inch TV. Instead, reward your body with the right stuff to have a positive affect on your energy levels and moods through out the day. Being healthy in itself is a bonus, but consuming the correct food and fluids will boost your energy levels and keep you happy longer! Try to avoid lots of processed and high carbohydrate foods to keep up the spirit.

Take a Dip in the Wooden Hot Tub

Heating up inside a nice wooden hot tub or home sauna can do wonders for your attitude and mood. Simply relaxing for 10 minutes in a wood fired hot tub has proven to ease feelings of depression and reduce stress, not to mention physical Winter ailments like aches and pains! Mix up your tub sessions with some fragrances and use aromatherapy to your advantage. Try a couple of different things and notice your mood increase in a positive manner.

Get Some Reading Done

With the rain outside and nothing really available to do, Winter can really make you feel caged and depressed. The weather alone makes us feel like that, so take advantage of your new found time and read that book you’ve been putting off for who knows how long now? Your brain is begging for stimulation and reading not only increase your vocabulary and grammar skills, but affects your mood in a fantastic way! You are transported to another place for as long as you are reading, leaving stress and distracted from the melancholy surrounding you.

Spring Planning (Not Cleaning)

Again, with all the free time you may have on your hands during Winter, and when looking for something to keep you occupied, thinking about what projects you will be working on in Spring and Summer are usually a good option. Don’t waste time this summer planning out your project and instead get it ready in Winter. You will get so much more done since you are organised and can quite possibly get a few projects done, over the slightly destroyed one that was put back together after the red haze dissipated.
There are more activities to get involved with than just these 5. Simply use your imagination and creativity to maximise your efficiency. Winter is the planning season for us to go all out come Spring! Check out Pinterest to find some inspiration for winter activities. A picture always says a thousand words.

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