Garden Party Themes and Ideas!

Hot Tub - Banya

Let’s not mess about. Let’s just admit that we’re all wondering when the sun will finally decide to make a sustained appearance so that we can get the piña colada on the go and the deck chairs out. Summer means (well, for us, anyway!) garden parties and with that brings all the fun of planning your theme and of course, actually having the party! The themes you could use are endless: tropical, complete with coconut drinks, pineapple motifs, bright zesty colours and patterns, fruit punch, you could even wear grass skirts and flowers in your hair. A secret garden party, while time consuming, is wonderful. Incorporate fruits and vegetables with herbs alongside flowers to really create an immersive experience for your guests. You could even send invites out with old keys attached!

An All American or British theme always goes down well, with chicken wings for an American theme and finger sandwiches for the British theme, flag bunting, themed music and flag print table cloths looks great. A Mexican theme is always great: use lots of fringing, get a piñata, dish up guacamole and tortillas, serve drinks with limes and lemons, and wear sombreros to really get the theme sizzling! An elegant theme would be one which utilises black and white crockery, adding simple clear crystal cut glasses and drinkware. You could also use colour schemes like white and green, which is perfect for summer, as well as zesty orange and white. A beach theme is gorgeous, especially if there’s a bit of a breeze that day. Pile shells onto the table on top of a blue and white striped table cloth, use wooden pegs to fix name cards to lollipop sticks so people know where they’re sitting, use lots of tea lights for when the sun goes down, and use red and white striped napkins to contrast the blue and white stripes.

There are lots of games and fun activities you can whip up to entertain your guests, but imagine if you had a gorgeous wooden hot tub? You’d be the party King (or Queen!) with one of those! Our wooden hot tubs turn any party into a big bash, and because it’s not a hired tub, once your guests have gone you can hop in in peace! Make this summer and beyond amazing with one of our wooden hot tubs, give us a call and get the ball rolling today.

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