Garden Sauna – bring a SPA to your home

Hot Tub - Sauna

Why Garden Sauna could be better than Public SPA? Traveling however long into the city and then coming all the way home after a long tiring day at work just to visit a Public Sauna (SPA) really defeats the whole purpose, and doesn’t really bring much to your own relaxation at the end of the day. There has to be an easier way…

So do you think to get a Sauna into your garden?

Thankfully there is a much easier way! Rather than giving your hard-earned money away to someone else; invest in your own wellbeing and a Sauna for your home! All the pleasures of melting away the days aches and pains are more affordable than one would think; and the styling are as varied as any individual!

While you may need to rearrange the garden to accommodate your new addition that’s where the tedious bits end and your therapeutic gains begin!

Sauna - Banya

There are a plethora of health benefits associated with time spent in a sauna, that’s why you pay someone else money in the first place right? Bringing the SPA to you home makes sure all these benefits are literally on your doorstep.

  • Endorphins released from time spent in saunas go a long way in removing stress and increasing energy flow.
  • Healthy Skin is maintained by releasing tension and opening pores.
  • Those suffering from circulatory issues like arthritis will find comfort form increased blood.
  • Your body sweats in a sauna, which in turn helps detoxify, in a natural way; great for removing things like nicotine as well!
  • Additionally with the increase in metabolic rates while in a sauna you end up burning hundreds of calories each time; this isn’t a replacement for diets or workouts but it will sure work hand in hand!

Of course just as when you pay to go to the sauna you do need to consider some important safety facts to ensure that your experience is always a good one.

  • You should never use the sauna while using drugs and alcohol.
  • Enjoy your Garden Sauna as long as you are comfortable, prolonged use can actually cause dehydration and even heatstroke.
  • Small children (under 5) should not be using the sauna.
  • To be safe, pregnant women should consult their doctors before using Sauna.

With a host of options before you; there is no reason to keep paying someone else for luxury you can afford in your own home! Instead of a spa day abroad; you can have the whole family over to relax and enjoy together!

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