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Better Living with Sauna or Hot Tub in Your Own Garden

Hot Tub - Garden Sauna

Add Sauna or Wooden Hot Tub to your Garden

Your home is your castle. It’s your solitude, and your escape from: the tired commute, the over time shifts, or maybe even the kids sports practices, and recitals. It’s where you come to relax and unwind; this is especially true in the Garden. Enjoy the night air; or the afternoon sun; take some time for yourself in the peace and quiet. Nothing could be better… or could it? Here are two more options for your Garden that you need to consider.

A Traditional Wood-Burning Hot Tub

Hot Tub - Sauna

A good soak in a bath is widely understood to loosen up those sore muscles and aching feet; but why limit that to the bathroom? Try picturing a rustic larch wood hot tub sitting quietly under the moonlight in your garden. You fired up a few logs in the wood burning stove attached not long ago and as you pull back the lid and give the steaming waters a stir with the wooden paddle; you know the waters are ready. Those very same waters will be there to release the stresses of the day be they aches and pains; stress, or even just the need for some old fashioned peace and quiet.

The many styles and designs also mean that you can have a wood fired hot tub to accommodate yourself, or you and a partner or even the whole family.

Outdoor Home Sauna

Hot Tub - Wood

You can’t consider bringing the SPA to your own home and not have a Sauna! In much the same way as warmed waters sooth in a hot tub; so to do the heated airs swirling around inside these gorgeously crafted Saunas. Regardless of what sort of climate you live in there is a sauna solution that can fit beautifully into your garden right now! From traditional rustic barrels to carved and stained squares; even space saving vertical options; you know you’re already thinking of where to put one! Why wouldn’t you?

The therapeutic benefits to those suffering arthritis are only one of many. Higher metabolic rates work hand in hand with diets and workout regimes, body detoxification also stems from time spent in the warm steaming environment they create. Just as with hot tubs you can accommodate as little or as many family and friends as you’d like depending on the model chosen; meaning you can relax and unwind and share those same benefits with others.

As was said before, your home is your castle; and you should have all the comforts and leisure you want while there. It’s your place to get away from it all and look back on the day, or out into the future. With a wood burning hot tub, and your own home sauna you can do just that!

Sit back and relax; stare out steamed windows across your garden while the sauna melts your worries away; or lounge comfortably surrounded by wood-fired warmed waters as the fire crackles and the mists rise up into the night; along with all the troubles of the day.

It’s your castle after all; so live like royalty at www.royaltubs.co.uk

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