Hot Tub Myths!

Hot Tub - Wood

Here are five myths we’ve found regarding hot tubs that we want to debunk for you, right here, right now!

  1. You can save money by buying a cheaper hot tub.

    Not true. The upkeep of them is higher and you will find they don’t last remotely as long as our wooden hot tubs, which are constructed using high quality materials.

  2. The more jets, the better.

    No strictly true. Some jets in hot tubs massage you, some are meant to simply create bubble and add a fun element. Some jets massage while others pulsate, and some are adjustable. The type, size, strength and position of jets are what matters when creating your own personalised wooden hot tub, rather than how many you have installed in there.

  3. They require a lot of maintenance.

    Not true either. Our hot tubs, no matter what kind you buy, are made with materials that will last you and bring you the best value for money. This means you won’t be replacing parts all the time or cleaning/looking after them.

  4. You should always get the most powerful hot tub pumps.

    Not true, either. It’s not about having the most power behind a hot tub, plus the cost of running a super powerful hot tub will be significantly higher too. You should get the hot tub which suits your needs or the hot tub that is going to be what you want, allowing you to use it how you want.

  5. The novelty wears off after a while.

    Hot tubs offer many health benefits as well as bringing fun to your life too. Imagine a quick dip in the morning, a romantic soak in the evening, entertaining friends, cooling off in summer, warming up in winter… Plus the relief on joints and the soothing properties for muscles too.

Our wooden hot tubs are incredible. We take the utmost care and pride in construction and make sure that we put love into each design, making us the premier choice for hot tubs for when affordable luxury is a requirement.

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