People want hot tubs on their holidays

Hot Tub - Luxury Lodge "time to live"

Holiday trends, like any kind of trend, tend to change, with different features falling in and out of fashion. For a while all-inclusive, 1-2 week holidays were the go-to trip away. It’s understandable; those resorts are absolutely beautiful, in scorching sunny climates, you often get waited on hand and foot and all your drinks and food are included in the initial price of your trip, meaning you don’t really have to worry about spends.

However, the trips that seem to be in fashion at the minute are shorter breaks, often in cities or towns that are less touristy. More and more people are choosing to go on a couple breaks a year instead of one longer holiday. I guess you get more for your money!

What are also becoming increasingly popular are holiday lodges. You’ll find these kinds of accommodation in holiday parks, which are seen as a step up from staying in a caravan. The new generation of holiday parks are a more modern take on the traditional seaside caravan park and are exemplified by companies such as Haven, Dream Lodge Group, Forest Holidays and The lodges themselves are absolutely breath taking, always state of the art and decked out in an attractive timber finish. The sites themselves are pretty self-contained and often have swimming pools, bars, restaurants, children’s activities and clubs on site.

Hot tubs on holidays? Definitely yes!

One of the most sought after features when people are booking a holiday in these kinds of locations, are actually hot tubs and outdoor spas! Private hot tubs and indoor pools are actually two of the most popular search terms on holiday websites.

Of course, we’ve known about the luxury that hot tubs can bring for a while now so it’s not surprising that people want to tap into that luxury feeling whilst on holiday, especially in wooden hot tubs!

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