The classiest kind of Wooden Hot Tubs

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Despite them growing in popularity, many people are reluctant to place a wooden hot tub in their garden or outdoor space because they think they look a little tacky. And we get that here at Royal Tubs; some old style hot tubs can look a little tacky. Way back when they first started to appear in gardens, the first designs weren’t very appealing. Now, some people still have that image burned into their brains and haven’t actually seen how far the new designs have come.

Modern style hot tubs have a real sophisticated look and don’t detriment the landscape of your garden at all. They’re understated, sleek and actually look really great in any garden or outdoor space; especially the wooden ones.

We have two kinds of wooden tubs here at Royal Tubs, giving you the option to choose either Spruce or Larch.

Spruce kind of wooden hot tub

Spruce has a natural lightness and resilience to it which makes it perfect for home use, and won’t shrink or lose its shape, even when it’s used outdoors. Every wood needs to have some treatment to it to ensure it stays looking amazing but you only need to apply treatment once a year to spruce. Because of its resinous finish it stays spotless for longer! Spruce wood is also recommended if you’re planning on using the hot tub to ease and aches, pains or strains ad it is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help along the natural healing process of the body. Aromatherapy experts swear by it!

If you’d like to upgrade your hot tub to larch, you’re really investing in the longevity of the wood. It’s very naturally robust and stands the test of time. In fact, many houses in Venice have support piles made of larch, because of its built in resistance to moisture and bacteria, which just goes to show how well this wood holds up. It’s also incredibly sturdy and has a high density.

Larch kind of wooden hot tub

Our larch hot tubs are built with longevity in mind. The wood is naturally robust and will stand the test of time exceptionally well – indeed, many of the piles that support the houses of Venice are made from larch, thanks to its natural resistance to moisture and bacterial damage. Again, aromatherapists hold larch wood in high regard. The wood releases phytoncides when it is heated up by the water which helps to clear out congested airways. Larch wood can also help relieve migraines and has superb relaxing and revitalising properties.

No matter what kind of wood you choose for your hot tube, you can add on the following accessories/upgrades to create your own, personal hot tub:

  • Wooden Lid
  • Top Rim Decoration
  • Stirring Paddle
  • Air Bubble System
  • Hydro Massage system
  • Air Bubble System
  • LED Lighting
  • Chimney Heat Guard
  • High Flow Drain Tap
  • Natural Linseed Oil
  • Mini Bar

Wooden hot tubs really are the classiest kind of hot tubs around – pick yours today!

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