Time to Recharge in Home Sauna

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Short true story about Home Sauna that was written by one of our customers. So we have nice true story about saunas we produce and he received the discount 2 years ago. Enjoy!

I love my Home Sauna

“I’m not an exercise guy and I’m not into sports, so I’m not overly active. I work in a bar; part time as a bartender and part time as security. In either case by the end of the evening; my legs are burning, there’s a whole new cocktail waiting to be named soaking into my clothes and I’m just done! Thankfully I’ve got a Home Sauna to come home to! I’m not joking, most look for their beds, or a drink themselves. Me… I’m going right to my Home Sauna!

Is sauna something special?

I used to think a sauna was just a really hot room to sit in at the local pool or the occasional gym, and sure they have them there, but when I was looking around and thinking “What do I get for the backyard?” I found some actual benefits behind it that I never realized. Like I said, I’m not into the whole fitness and wellbeing sort of stuff.
Those aching legs and feet I mentioned? Those are gone almost immediately; being in the home sauna is almost like a full body hot compress. Loosens all those tense muscles up and it all just melts away. Not to mention the peace and quiet! After all you just have to sit there and take it all in. No one is trying to get your attention, yelling orders at you, bumping into you, throwing money at you (that you don’t get to keep); you actually get some peace and quiet all to yourself, and how rare is that? It’s my favourite time of day!

Those sauna health benefits I mentioned? Well turns out I’ve been losing weight lately. I haven’t changed my diet much, and I’m not as I’ve said an active guy but, there’s a bit missing from time to time. To tell the truth as I’ve been using the home barrel sauna, I’m not as achy as I usually am at the nights end either. It turns out that the regular heat helps with circulation and cardio; they even get the astronauts to use these things regularly for that same reason. So it’s got to be useful for some small town UK right?!

Outdoor Sauna in winter is my favorite time!

Sauna - Banya

You know one of the things I’m looking forward to the most? The snow is starting to fall here now; and we’ve got some bitter winters some years. I take some comfort in knowing at the end of a long day I can come home tired and worn; the snow biting my face and chilling my bones. I can dart across my backyard to my outdoor home sauna and duck inside; where I’ll stare out that little window and watch the snow fall by the moonlight, and laugh at Old Man winter! Sometimes it’s the little things!”

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