Wash away those winter blues

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You can feel it in the air; its unfortunate but true: winter is on the way. All is not lost however, and we’ve got a soothing solution – wooden hot tubs ! A relaxing soak in a genuine wood fired hot tub!

While the season changes your garden is too; the leaves have turned, the flowers have gone, and soon a fine blanket of snow will cover all the former lush greenery. It’s going to get bleak out there, and certainly not a place to find any solace or relaxation! You can change that however with a genuine wood burning hot tub!

Our traditional wooden hot tubs are hand crafted and made from your choice of lovely spruce, or time tested larch wood; it’s the perfect accent piece your garden was missing no matter the season. Large family? That’s not a problem, our wood hot tubs can be customised to accommodate as few or as many people as possible.

Size isn’t everything you know; as such we are proud to offer many accessories to enhance your enjoyment while you relaxing in the soothing wood fired waters. Do you want to enjoy an equally hot beverage while you bask outside of winters chill? We can include a minibar with your hot tub. Perhaps you’d like some air bubble or a hydro massage system; we can incorporate those as well. We can even install some LED lighting for evening enjoyment!

With so many options available to you; we are positive that we can provide the perfect source for relaxation that meets your needs and available space. It will be your own little piece of paradise right in your own garden.

Your genuine wood fired hot tub is not only a beautiful and rustic centrepiece its also Eco-friendly. Unlike modern hot tubs that use chemicals to treat and clean the water; your wood fired hot tub does not. All you have to do is fill it with clean natural water and heat it up, then empty it out and give it a quick scrub down. So there’s no need to worry about harsh chemicals saturating your hair and skin and leaving those abrasive smells. You don’t have the extra expense either; so all thats left is the warmth and relaxation that you came for in the first place.

With all of these benefits and features most people would expect to pay an arm and a leg for such an addition to their home. However if you take one look you’ll see just how affordable this traditional piece of luxury is!

Any time year or occasion; your genuine wooden hot tub will be there and ready to provide you with the unrivalled pleasure of the soothing warmth of water combining the crisp smell of burning wood and will make you forget about the rapidly growing winter wonderland around you, and let you focus on pure relaxation.

You’ve waited long enough; now is the time to come on over to www.Royaltubs.co.uk and enjoy some age old traditional luxury: Today!

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