How to choose a Garden Sauna

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Investing in a Sauna is not only an investment in your home; it’s also a chance to improve your own well-being. As such; with a little homework and some forethought you can be sure your enjoyment will continue for years, and you won’t be breaking the bank to do so!

Garden Sauna – Style is everything

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The markets are filled with all manner of Sauna these days. An eye-catching barrel cradled nicely, or a rustic square windowed sauna that becomes a centrepiece to the garden, maybe you need to save some space and opt for a vertical model. Whatever your needs there are many designs that can be built for your comfort and relaxation.

You can accent your addition with your choice of what woods make up your sauna; spruce, larch to name a few. Insert a few choice stylings of windows and now you’ve got a perfect place to relax year round and just take it all in!

Home Sauna – Size Matters

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Do you want a small personal sauna for only two to three people; or a larger sauna for family and friends to share as a group of five to seven people? Perhaps you’ve got limited space, or perhaps you only need to cater to so many people at once; saunas can be custom built to accommodate as many people as you think you’ll need. Of course the bigger they are; the more change in the price you’ll be seeing due to more wood and larger heating source required.

Heating your Garden Sauna

The therapeutic benefits of saunas have long been understood; and herein comes another important decision. How will you heat your sauna? If you opt to keep things more modern and have a location in mind with electrical access you could use electric heaters to warm those aching bones and muscles. Many of these models also come with programable temperatures; making sure that the heat levels will be just to your liking. They can also include timers so that your sauna will be ready to be enjoyed after a hard day.

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If you want to keep things truly traditional for the full sensory sauna experience, then you should look no further than a wood burning sauna stove! Imagine the heat of a carefully prepared fire crackling away nearby; warming your room and melting those aches and pains away.

This method is clearly the only choice if you’ve got no access to electricity where you’ve decided to put your sauna and it does require more attention to regulate the temperature than a modern controlled unit, but for many, there is just something special about the whole ambiance a wood fired sauna creates; the sight, the sounds, the smell; you’re truly enjoying a moment.

So now you’ve got all you need to start dreaming up what sort of wood sauna you need. Just pick your spot, find a style that works for you and start down the path to relaxation today!

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