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What’s so great about wood-fired hot tubs?

Glass fiber - Wood

Most of our wooden hot tub packages UK come with wood-fired stoves. Heating tubs with wood-fired stoves is an idea of Scandinavian extraction, which has now spread to the rest of the world and UK. In this post I want to talk about why we think wood-fired stoves are the best heating choice for wooden hot tubs.

Wood is a natural source of renewable, sustainable energy. When wood burns it releases no more CO2 than if it were left to rot, so it’s carbon neutral. Thus our wood-fired hot tubs are a green-friendly way to relax. When wood burns it releases the solar energy it has already stored for its growth.

So you’re only contributing to the climate’s natural balance, not adding more CO2 than she needs. While soaking yourself, you’ll hear just in earshot the steady crackle of the fire as it warms the water. It’s an experience with the cosy ambience of huddling by the fireplace in winter. Feel in touch with nature and free yourself from the trappings of the modern world. Sink into the rustic embrace of a wood-fired bath and get away from the breakneck pace of urban life.

Many people find the warmth provided by burning wood superior to electrical heating. Rather than a sudden, steaming heat, you’ll experience a steady influx of warmth beating to the primordial rhythms of the natural world. 
   What’s more, you won’t require an electrical or natural gas connection to warm the water, so there’s no extra utility bills. Just make sure the wood is dry to minimize smoke.

If rustic relaxation is your aim, a wood fired hot tub is your best bet. Aesthetically it complements the gorgeously warm-toned wood we use to build our tubs. You’re bound to drift away from all the stresses of your busy life with the natural warmth a wood-fired stove provides.

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