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Stand out from the crowd with our

Wooden Hot Tubs

Make your site unique, with a wood-fired Royal Tub. There is nothing quite like sitting in warm water, looking up at the starry night sky… give your guests an experience that’s unforgettable!

Glamping - Shed

You can’t guarantee the British weather…

But you can make sure your guests make memories that’ll last a lifetime, come rain or shine!

Wood-fired tubs heat from cold in less than 3 hours, are simple to use and cheap to run – the perfect addition to a holiday rental or glamping site.

Luxurious Simplicity

Simple wood-fired tubs need no electricity supply, making them ideally suited to off-grid sites.With just fresh water and a stock of logs, you can turn a quiet hideaway into an idyllic retreat that’s sure to have your guests coming back again and again!

Easy to look after, hard to forget

Wood-fired hot tubs are simple to maintain, and can be looked after by adding as little as 15 minutes to your cleaning schedule.

Simply drain down, clean, and refill before new guests arrive – upkeep really is that simple!

What could a wood-fired tub do for your site?

  • – Book up faster?
  • – Increase occupancy?
  • – Raise your rates?
  • – Increase reviews?
  • – Make you stand out in the crowd?