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Here on this UK blog we’ve discussed a whole range of topics, from the health benefits of hot tubs to the Finnish heritage of the sauna to the virtues of Western Red Cedar.

But we want to devote this post to us. We want to talk about what drives us, our philosophy of wooden hot tubs.

We’re painfully aware of the myriad of companies in this marketplace in UK – all vying for your attention, all talking up their hot tubs until they’re blue in the face.

So what makes Royal Tubs (UK) different?

Before we tell you what we believe in, we’ll start with what we don’t believe in.

Unlike many hot tub manufacturers, we don’t believe in kitting out hot tubs with the latest in state-of-the-art entertainment technology. No TV, no stereo should will ever be affixed clumsily to the side of one of our wooden hot tubs. Nor do we think an array of colourful lights can significantly improve your bathing experience.

Instead, we believe bathing is about tranquillity. We believe bathing is an escape from the bustle of modern life, and an opportunity to de-stress. Wooden Hot Tubs can be the site of romantic evenings or social gatherings. Freed from the distractions of modern consumer culture, the hot tub can provide a space to reconnect with ourselves and each other. A space to get to know our bodies again and recharge for the next day.

To stop for a moment and take refuge in the stillness, as the water’s heat relaxes sore muscles and soothes a body stiff from the day’s stresses. Bathing in a hot tub should be a full aesthetic experience that heals both body and mind.

Wood burning Wooden Hot Tub… We love wood!

For that reason, we abhor plastic. We believe that true tranquillity can only be found in natural wood. So we use Siberian spruce and larch in our handcrafted hot tubs.

From an aesthetic point of view, this wood is gorgeous-looking.

And these woods bring health benefits too. Aromatherapists use spruce for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. They use larch for its relaxing and cold-curing properties.

Handcrafted Wooden Hot Tubs

Our tubs are handcrafted in the traditional way. If you want to escape from the trappings of modernity, with its constant distractions and trivialities, its stress-inducing speed and burdensome workload, soaking in a wooden hot tub may just be the way to do it.

But please, don’t take our word for it. Learn more about one of our wooden hot tubs and purchase it, disrobe, sink in and let the tub do the talking.

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