The Wood-Fired Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for a wood-fired hot tub, you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed at the options available at first glance. There is a wide range of customisations and features available for these peaceful retreats, each adding to their ease…

Wood-fired Hot Tubs – Cleaning made easy

Wood-fired hot tubs are an indulgent retreat that bring any garden to life, but as with any natural timber, they need to be maintained properly to ensure their longevity. Exactly how to clean your hot tub will depend on…

What do you need to install a wood fired hot tub?

If you’ve had your eye on a wood-fired hot tub, you’ll already know how they can lift the mood of an outdoor space – here’s what you’ll need to bring a sense of retreat to your own garden. 1.

What’s the difference between fibreglass, polypropylene, and wooden hot tubs?

Wood-fired hot tubs are more popular than ever, with increasing numbers of people drawn to their stunning appearance and rustic charm.  If you’re in the market for a wood fired tub, you’ll see plenty of references to wooden, fiberglass and…

Wooden Hot Tub Benefits

We all know that taking a hot bath is a fantastic way to relax – it often feels as though for every inch your body descends into the warm of the water, the weight of the world slips off your shoulders.

Why Wood-fired Stoves?

Wood is the most natural source of renewable, sustainable energy we have available. The Forestry Commission are responsible for ensuring proper forestry practices are maintained, put simply this means re-planting enough trees to replace those used. Managed correctly we can…

Choosing 5m New Barrel Sauna Royal Tubs

All About Home Sauna

All about Home Sauna use Just enjoy and relax… 1. Preface: We’ve all heard the many different ideas and opinions when it comes to how to use a home sauna the ‘right’ way. Some are true, some are false, and…

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Hot Tub Myths!

Here are five myths we’ve found regarding hot tubs that we want to debunk for you, right here, right now!